19 mei 2016

Travelling To The Baltic States

Hi guys! So this time I went to the beautiful Baltic States with our Honors Program. When we got to know that we were going to Tallinn and Riga I honestly didn't know what to expect. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised on how beautiful everything was. I have to say that in the beginning I didn't really felt like I was abroad in Tallinn because it reminded me so much of Brussels. But then Riga.. Wauw that city is really big and has gorgeous building. I would definitly like to come back and explore a bit more and go shopping.

So the next photo's are from Riga. Don't know why I didn't really took much pictures in Tallinn tough. Maybe because I was snapchatting so much. If you want to see more what I'm up to you should add me on snapchat: bitisho.

Beautiful national art museum.

7 mei 2016

My Very First YouTube Video

Hi guys this is my very first YouTube video, aaaahh!! So I did a bit of shopping the last couple of months. I did my best searching all the product but I couldn't find the links to everything.. Sorry for that! Let me know if you liked it and if I should do more videos! Hope you enjoy the video (:

Product mentioned:
- Gold pineapple and cactusses - Wibra, similar one https://goo.gl/40cyL7
- H&M rusty gold http://goo.gl/XEzb9J 
- Eucerin Even Brighter Day creme http://goo.gl/aHOQzW 
- Eucerin Even Bright Night creme http://goo.gl/fnQ7Tr
- Eucerrin Even Brighter Spot Corrector http://goo.gl/L8OYZ8 
- Nivea Aftershave Balm Sensitive http://goo.gl/dVP8mP
- Mango Jacket - similar one http://goo.gl/jgdEDH
- Costes coat http://goo.gl/EPxwTJ
- H&M Jumpsuit http://goo.gl/tlfKdT
- Beige Poleman Boots http://goo.gl/i07FGI
- Etos travel set http://goo.gl/SBZhzm 

13 mrt. 2016

Life trough Iphone

Hi loves, besides Instagram you can follow me on Snapchat aswel: Bitisho.

1. I had a lovely day catching up with one of my dearest friends
2. Experimenting with some head accessories and my hijab.  
1. We had an event at my internship place so the interns could get to know eachother.
2. Details of what I was wearing a lot. Unfortunately I lost my hat in the train :(. 
1. The outfit I wore to the soccer game. I was a bit to optimistic to wear that jacket though, so cold.
2. We where gifted business seats at the soccer stadium by school as ambassadeurs. 
1. I bought this little mirrored plate thing from hm to put my perfumes in.
2. If been in love with simple outfits these days. The sweater is from pull&bear. 

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend. x