7 mei 2016

My Very First YouTube Video

Hi guys this is my very first YouTube video, aaaahh!! So I did a bit of shopping the last couple of months. I did my best searching all the product but I couldn't find the links to everything.. Sorry for that! Let me know if you liked it and if I should do more videos! Hope you enjoy the video (:

Product mentioned:
- Gold pineapple and cactusses - Wibra, similar one https://goo.gl/40cyL7
- H&M rusty gold http://goo.gl/XEzb9J 
- Eucerin Even Brighter Day creme http://goo.gl/aHOQzW 
- Eucerin Even Bright Night creme http://goo.gl/fnQ7Tr
- Eucerrin Even Brighter Spot Corrector http://goo.gl/L8OYZ8 
- Nivea Aftershave Balm Sensitive http://goo.gl/dVP8mP
- Mango Jacket - similar one http://goo.gl/jgdEDH
- Costes coat http://goo.gl/EPxwTJ
- H&M Jumpsuit http://goo.gl/tlfKdT
- Beige Poleman Boots http://goo.gl/i07FGI
- Etos travel set http://goo.gl/SBZhzm 

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