19 mei 2016

Travelling To The Baltic States

Hi guys! So this time I went to the beautiful Baltic States with our Honors Program. When we got to know that we were going to Tallinn and Riga I honestly didn't know what to expect. And I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised on how beautiful everything was. I have to say that in the beginning I didn't really felt like I was abroad in Tallinn because it reminded me so much of Brussels. But then Riga.. Wauw that city is really big and has gorgeous building. I would definitly like to come back and explore a bit more and go shopping.

So the next photo's are from Riga. Don't know why I didn't really took much pictures in Tallinn tough. Maybe because I was snapchatting so much. If you want to see more what I'm up to you should add me on snapchat: bitisho.

Beautiful national art museum.

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